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Charity Work

Life Education
Life Education Van

Life Education New South Wales is a community-based, independent organisation at the front line of positive and preventative drug and health education. Approximately 350,000 children and 30,000 families take part in the preschool, primary and secondary programs each year. Helping young people make informed decisions about drugs and their health is at the heart of the program, which is driven by the popular Life Education mascot Harold the giraffe.



Irene Gleeson Foundation
Irene Gleeson Foundation

Transforming, Liberating, and Empowering Uganda Communities to Care for their children, providing a future and a hope through Christ

In 1991, Mama Irene Gleeson sold her beachside home in Australia and founded a school for orphans and destitute children. She bought a caravan and towed it into a warzone in north Uganda. She began to teach 50 war traumatised children under a tree. Twenty years later 7000+ children are daily educated, fed, medicated in IGF schools. 400 Ugandan staff, many IGF graduates, are building a new generation, rescuing destitute children from the ashes of war.



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